Women Laughing Alone With Salad

Re/code published a post yesterday about Getty’s new “Lean In” collection of stock images.

While the news of the new collection is cool and interesting, one single phrase stood out to me and caught my attention:

“The idea is to get away from the women laughing alone with salad and provide alternatives,” says Jessica Bennett, a journalist and contributing editor at Lean In…

Follow the “women laughing along with salad” link and you’ll be treated to a Tumblr of images that are just exactly that.

Most women I know will recognize this subtextual meme that’s run through our lives since we can remember. And they’ll get how freakin’ funny, sad, ironic, meaningful it is.

Have you ever laughed alone with salad? I’ve tried laughing alone with salad countless times over the course of my life, and it never made me happy, perfect or healthy. Dammit.